Petite Fashion in the Rising

Content creators and brands working together to make strides in inclusivity.

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The Gap in Fashion

Social media has led to immense growth in the fashion industry. As we speak about styling and fashion, without a doubt, influencers and creators are automatically mentioned. Petite fashion has been neglected rather than overlooked for years, but it's resurfacing with the help of influencers and content creators. The term 'petite' is barely heard off or seen on the runway. In contrast, there are tons of clothing labeled 'petite' for retail and e-commerce. This gap creates a barrier in styling options for everyday looks.

Confidence and Self-Love

When it comes to petite fashion, there are many how-to's to look elongated or create a more flow look without looking like a box - this helps boost confidence as fashion is our second skin. Women in this particular category could opt for more monochromatic looks helping create a flow in the outfit. High-waisted/fuller-length pants, paired with color-coordinated shoes, above the ankle, dresses in open sandals are great options. One of the other key styling tips would be to accessorize the look with statement jewelry or a bag.

Positive Influence

Petite fashion blogger and content creator Jean Wang uses her platform solely to help her audience learn about petite styling and making sure that they gain confidence in their size. Such influencers help boost one's morale and teach self-love through small styling tips and tricks. Young petite girls might be bullied for their petite size, but now with the help of social media and inspirational fashion influencers, they feel more powerful as they learn to love and embrace themselves. These creators help young girls experiment with their looks and find what truly is their signature style. In the end, fashion is all about confidence, love, fun, and comfort.

Commitment to Inclusivity

Inclusivity and diversity are two terms that are repeatedly used in the fashion industry. The fashion industry is trying to break through the stereotypical fashion body from sizes, shapes, colors, or appearances, providing a broader sense of comfort and confidence.

Fashion influencers and content creators play a crucial role in guiding the fashion industry in today's tech-savvy world via social media platforms. They promote consumer awareness and help brands grow by sharing products and creating content via TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and many more.

More brands varying from luxury to indie fashion to lifestyle are aware that today's audience has moved past the standard/ traditional sizes and wants to see how real people can fit in the fashion world and aspire to be like that. Brands are reaching for a sustainable and ethical approach nowadays, including all shapes and sizes.

Voilà is committed to advocating for inclusivity and diversity. We work with brands and content creators to raise our voices. Get in touch with Voilà to join our community, and let's make a positive impact together!

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