New Product Release Notes: March 2021

VoilàTools: a new monetization platform dedicated to content creators.

We are thrilled to launch VoilàTools, a full suite of content monetization platforms that turn any content into affiliate links or shoppable posts in one click 🎉! We've heard many times that creators find it challenging to start and maintain affiliate marketing: affiliate platforms are dispersed, and user experience in making affiliate links can often be counterintuitive.

With VoilàTools, content creators can easily create content, match it with affiliate links, and ask followers to shop from the links with clear messaging. This is a perfect way to engage with your followers, provide them with values, and reward yourself with recurring commissions to sustain more content down the road 🚀.

What's Included in VoilàTools 1.0 Desktop:

Product URL Converter

CREATE: Paste a product link, and click the convert button.

DISTRIBUTE: When the conversion is successful, log in to copy the converted link, and share it on your social media. The best available promo code is also provided to incentivize your followers to shop.

MONETIZE: Track and withdraw your commissions in the Earning Report.

What Will be Included in VoilàTools 1.1 Desktop:

Multi-Link Conversion

A future release will include a multi-link conversion feature, which will improve your experience with the tool and save you from converting only one link at a time.

We will roll out the multi-link conversion feature shortly and many more exciting releases in the next few months. Get started with VoilàTools1.0 today and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first one to know!