The Top 5 Link in Bio Tools to Level up Your Links

Everything you need to know to find the best Link in Bio builder for your content.

What is Link in Bio?

“Link in Bio” refers to the clickable URL that you can add to your profile section. Visitors tap the bio link to open a new window, and they are directed to what you deem the most valuable content real estate.

Why do you need a Link in Your Bio?

While Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest provide the option to include clickable URLs in your posts, Instagram and TikTok do not allow clickable links in your posts. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize your Link in Bio on these platforms, given the limited space.

What to Include in Your Link in Bio?

  • Direct visitors to your blog, podcast, or other social channels of yours.

  • Drive audience to a landing page where you collect email addresses for your newsletters.

  • Promote a sale, discount, or a series of sweepstakes you are hosting.

The 5 Best Link in Bio Tools


At its core, Beacons offers creators a page builder tool to point followers from social media to a landing page.

On the Beacons creator page, creators can place all the links together and grow followers via:

1) Encouraging newsletter and SMS sign-ups.

2) Inviting visitors to join the page.

Beacons also provides creators ways to monetization their community:

1) Support feature, where followers can send money to show appreciation.

2) Request feature, where visitors can request a service from creators for a fee.

3) TikTok Shopping, where creators earn commissions from selling merchandise.

Beacons has native integration with platforms beyond social media, such as Spotify and Twitch, making it a suitable choice for creators from almost all categories.

Beacons provides powerful features at the free tier. The next pricing plan level sits at $10 per month, which provides more customizations, marketing tools, and customer support.


VoilàBio is relatively new to the market as it launched this week. However, it is a super powerful page builder tool.

It helps bring all content into one place via rich media embedding from:

1) Instagram.

2) TikTok.

3) YouTube.

It has a Media Kit function for creators to build and showcase their media kit to brands.

It provides monetization options via shopping and e-commerce, where creators can earn sales commissions from orders placed by followers:

1) Instagram/TikTok Post & Shop is a feature that allows intuitive shopping experience building, where creators pair merchandise they want to earn commissions from with a piece of content they've already created on Instagram/TikTok.

2) Link Converter is a feature for adding any product links and sharing them with your followers, even without a piece of content attached. This feature converts any regular product link into a shoppable affiliate link.

VoilàBio is ideal for lifestyle creators who want to own a Link in Bio rich in content and who want to monetize their community with e-commerce.

VoilàBio is free to use.


Koji looks different from the other tools thanks to its design and the way to build a page.

Koji has its own app store, where developers are invited to build native apps in Koji. Ranging from Tip Jar to support creators, Branded Quiz to entice follower engagement, to Billboard to sell ad space, Koji has gone smart about using the developer ecosystem.

While Koji probably offers the most interesting page customization and content monetization options, it does not include any e-commerce or shopping features. Koji is a great choice for creators looking to experiment with building a fun and unique Link in Bio.

Koji is also free to use.


Does everyone know Linktree already? Probably.

Linktree was the first to offer a Link in Bio page builder tool to content creators. It's well known for the

1) Ease of use.

2) Minimalist design.

3) Support Me and Request link monetization options.

However, the downside of Linktree is that it has no rich media embedding options. If you are a visual person, this is not the tool for you. It is a great page builder for creators with a minimalist style.

Linktree offers a free plan and a paid one called PRO at $6 per month. The PRO account provides further link management features, such as link scheduling, email & SMS links, and more customizations like themes and button styles.


Unlike the rest of the tools we just discussed, Milkshake is an app that creators can download and build pages in - there is currently no desktop option.

Milkshake also stands out with its look and feel - it is almost like a magazine on a slideshow. However, Milkshake currently only offers YouTube video embedding, and it does not offer any monetization tools either. Therefore, it is a suitable choice for creators looking to make their personality, lifestyle pop, and not monetize content immediately.

Milkshake is free to download and use on both App Store and Google Play.

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